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Food – Michelle Tamura




Hejjjj, Another amazing food spot in Copenhagen: 42Raw! This vegan, gluten-free restaurant has everything from acai bowls to tea lattes to pancakes to mushroom burgers! I went three times while I was in this city and though a bit pricey, I would eat here every day if I could. (photos below show our meals: avo sandwiches, pancakes, acai) The interior is small but efficiently used and the use of light walls and simple furniture really brighten the space. Here are some photos of the food and interior for your viewing pleasure 🙂 salads for order gluten-free goodies 10/10 would recommend with luv, m...

Quinoa Salad

Every day for the past 5 weeks I have enjoyed a delicious, gourmet sandwich. And I’m finally at my limit. I have been craving Mexican food since I got here and tried getting some today but the place I scoped out was closed and I was left no choice but to create somethin’ myself. Good thing I did though cause I went to Irma (my fav grocery store – thx lauren) and was inspired!!! SO today I decided to put my creativity to the test. Behold: my healthy Mexican-inspired quinoa/bean/arugula salad. Because I thought it was pretty successful, I have decided to share everything with the internet! Hooray. Let’s get...

SMAK, Malmö

Restaurant: SMAK in Malmö Meal: Brunch (probably just lunch but we went when they opened which was early lunch time so I think that counts as brunch) Basically, this awesome place had endless bread (specifically sourdough loaves -see photo), hummus, butter, side salads, coffee, AND EVEN WATER! ~this is big. It was the most relaxing, refreshing start to our afternoon and s/o to whoever in our group made the final decision to go there. Check da pics below : ) LOAVES My meal: Chicken caesar salad w/ stellar croutons Erica’s Meal: white fish n tomatoes Cheers to Malmö for killin the brunch game xx, Michelle...