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Sunshine Summatime – Michelle Tamura

Sunshine Summatime

Today’s main event was a trip to Amager Strand which is a supercool beach east-ish/south-ish of the city! Beautiful views, amazing weather, and good company ~ what a dream! Finally felt like summer. (peep the pics below and if you want, read about the funniest, most awkward encounter of my 21 years of life)…

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Denmark is so trendy with its wind turbines and stuff

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nude beaches call for polaroids and no tan lines

Below is my funny story about the beach:    🙂

It was all swell at the beach, swimmin, tannin, hangin, etc. (beachy stuff). Until we decided to go out onto the pier/dock/structure thing and take a swim! The beach we were parked by had lots of seaweed and jellies so we decided the designated swimming area was bound to be safer. We walked out to the area where most people were and looked for places to jump but were met with disappointment when we realized the only spot was about a meter and a half deep. Venturing out into other territory, we found ourselves a cute little staircase that led to a deeper and more open swimming space. we were thrilled and jumped on in. With the intention of swimming a bit around the dock and going to the different ladders along the pier, we took off!! BUT!

As we swam further and further down the dock we didn’t think much/honestly I didn’t even notice the increasing number of naked humans on the ladders/dock and even in the water (LOL).

Little did we know, the other two ladders further down the dock were marked in Danish ~ as gendered, nude swimming areas and of course, we swam on down all the way to the nude man zone.

One by one we approached our final destination and Alyssa went first right up the ladder and onto the dock. Kahli was preoccupied with the amount of seaweed underneath us and told me not to look down so naturally I looked up to find more than my fair share of the men on the dock. I joked with Kahli and said “don’t look up” which she did and we both chuckled. Meanwhile… Alyssa was ALREADY ON THE DOCK WITH THE NUDE MEN AND DIDN’T REALIZE IT. The people around us looked concerned and a little weirded out and some were actually laughing. It took us about a minute to figure it out that it was the men’s nude zone and all of the men swimming around us were butt ass naked. We swam away as fast as we could and never once looked back. No one could have prepared us for that kind of encounter no matter how hard they tried.

In between the beach and home stopped for some yummy Thai food and then finally made it home around 8 pm. Not really in the mood to go out after a long and relaxing day but I did manage to rally and we headed to nørrebro to check out the more ~local~ club scene. It was UNREAL. So local and so hip, there were tons of teens hanging on the bridge from the city to norrebro -sharing wine and beers, having snacks, playing music, and just chatting it up with good friends. Past them we went to a club called RUST and though it had an $8 cover we decided to take the leap and go! So glad we did because i had the time of my life!!! The music they played was iffy at best until the live performers came on!!! It’s incredible listening to live performers even if you don’t know the language at all. Cindy and I stayed till the live performers left at 2/230 ish and left so happy and full of love for danish rap music. Great end to an even better day.

Cheers 🙂


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